March 22, 2022 · 1 min read

$10k MRR and 5k followers

I respect individuals who do it, but I do not set public goals to reach $10k MRR or grow to 5k followers.

Today $10k MRR is a good amount of money. Still, tomorrow the situation can change — inflation, a newborn baby, changes in a lifestyle, or even a sudden disease that’s not covered by insurance. Who knows?

5k of followers is an incredible number, and that’s it. It is just a number without any meaning. I do not think one needs 5k followers to start selling. Ana Bibikova showed that everybody could start selling their products successfully, even with 1k followers.

While declaring these goals helps to grow and attract an audience, I do not have straightforward control over them.

I can control (?) the number of tweets I write, the number of projects I create, the number of cold emails I send, and the articles I publish. But not the number of customers I attract, at least directly.

I do not have control over outcomes but only over inputs.