January 18, 2022 ยท 1 min read

Project 0002/1001: ScreenshotOne

I need to build a project shipping system, eventually. So, the next project I start is a screenshot API. The goal is by creating this one to gradually build the project shipping system that I can reuse to do 1001 projects.

But this time, I start with marketing.

I already published the first article on how to take a screenshot with Puppeteer. The idea is to allow customers to solve their problems without using the product and then develop a cheaper and more efficient product for their task if there is a demand.

Until I did not have an established template for landing pages, I started with one I had found. I use Hugo โ€” a static site generator that I know and love.

I will write up to ten high-quality posts that solve all the issues related to screenshot API. And if there is a demand, I will build a product that saves customers time and money.