January 14, 2022 · 1 min read

Outlive the banal

I started to tweet recently and picked up writing as a hobby. So far, so good, but I must admit that my current writings are primarily banal.

Beginners always suck

I do remember that when I started programming, I did not care a lot about the code quality. But gradually, I improved the level to good enough by working with great peers and reading classic books on software engineering.

It is painful to look at my old code — blood flows from my eyes. But it was a necessary exercise on my way to excellence. Now I write decent code, not the best one, but I am not shy to show it.

But with writings, I am afraid. It is hard for me to share because every time I reread what I wrote, I see it as a fluffy piece of work even after editing.

I need to enable a beginner mind and start sharing carelessly. I am mostly starting from close friends.

The banal

Since I only started, I have written about everything that comes to mind. And writing helps me to structure my thoughts.

It is sad but true that I have a mess in my head, even at the simple everyday topics. Purpose of life, meaning, friendship, family, education, etc.

So, I will write even about basic things. I need to rediscover them for myself and to reassess them.


The only thing I can do is write, write, write and wait. It takes a while to get good at a skill worth something.