August 12, 2022 ยท 2 min read

Engineering the product comparison page

I can’t stop perceiving marketing from the engineering perspective. And the product comparison page is not the exception.

I noticed the search keyword “best screenshot api”. But my “marketing site” does not mention this query. 0 mentions.

A screenshot from Google Search Console

I did not expect that people use query “best <solution>” when they search for “<solution>”. And the search volume (I estimated indirectly) was attractive.

My first intent was to write a short page on explaining why my product is the best one. But then a thought sneaked into my mind, what if my product is not the best? And how can I objectively know it?

I combined many tasks into one:

  • Compare features;
  • Compare pricing;
  • Get familiar with my competitors;
  • Find the best solution I can recommend, even if it is not mine.

The result is a product comparison page where I answer which product is the best one.

Have you ever read a product comparison page on a product site without knowing who will be the winner?

Looking ahead, I want to state that I could not come up with a better criterion for objective comparison rather than features and pricing.

I must admit that I highlighted my product whenever possible, even if it might not be the best. Simply because I am making it the best one, and it is a matter of a short period to make it perfect.

A screenshot of the comparison page by pricing

I gathered all data like features and pricing in a simple JSON file and generated the comparison result from it. The bonus is that every time I or my competitors update their pricing or features, I can regenerate page and see who is leading.

A screenshot of the generating code

Google indexed the page. And I am looking forward for results.

A proof that Google Search Console shows that the page is indexed

If you want to see the results, follow the best screenshot API comparison.

I know that at least 2-3 competitors follow me. So, if you are my competitor and you see any typos on my comparison page, or you see that I missed something about your product. Please, don’t hesitate to notify me.