January 3, 2023 · 1 min read

All roads lead to the truth

I don’t play football to kick the ball with my friends mindlessly. I have fun, but that’s not the goal. I play to slice a part of reality and dive deeper. Football is not an exception, but an excellent example of what I crave.

I read Sapolsky’s book and learned about the testosterone hormone. I immediately apply in practice the understanding of how this hormone impacts the game and player’s behavior. If I read about persuasion, I use that when talking to players. Positioning in marketing? You got the point.

I play football because I suck at it. I suck at it so much that when captains choose players for their teams, I am the last one who is being chosen. I am the weakest player possible in our group.

But one day, I will not be the last. And the day after that, I will rank higher. And I will improve until the captains fight to take me into their team. And eventually, I will become a captain.

Every game, I improve. Yes, it happens slowly. But I am working on it and will reach that result.

I don’t care about the ball—it is the easiest part of the game. I extract meta-skills from playing football, and that is what matters to me. I observe how people control their egos when playing. Do they tell the truth if they saw foul or not? I know whom they trust and try to understand why.

Rajneesh found his way to truth through meditations. I haven’t found mine. But I try everything that I can—dive deeper into writing, entrepreneurship, coding as a craft, running, family relationships, marketing, and the list.

And recently, I realized that the truth could be discovered in any way. Anything you do can lead to the truth. But you need to remove all your prepositions, principles, and attachments to ideas. Dive deeper and have a good trip, my lovely friend.