September 24, 2021 ยท 1 min read

Osho on Awareness

I have recently finished reading “Awareness: The Key to Living in Balance” by Osho. What can I say? It was not an easy one for me. If you are in search of harmony, the book might help you.

It might sound controversial, but try not to use your mind and analyze what you read. The book requires to be open to new ideas and to absorb the concepts.

As far as I understand, Osho did not write books. He mostly spoke and taught. So, this book is not the exception, and it is a written version of his conversations.

Osho talks directly to You, and he does not speak with your mind. He punches You from different sides and shows you that you are asleep and living entirely in your mind. You are asleep all the time. There is no difference between sleeping at night and sleeping during the day. The reality, the Now is always passing you by. While you’re living in your mind, you’re living either the past or the present.

He gives a lot of practical advice on how to wake up and get closer to the state of awakening.

This book is a gift and a piece of light.