August 21, 2022 · 1 min read

A third paying customer!

I didn’t expect it to happen in August since I partially downsized my marketing activities. The magic is I did nothing in August to attract the customer.

The project is only 2.5 months old. I must admit that the projected growth is not exponential, and I don’t see signs of the unicorn. But the truth is that I don’t build one. Yet.

I am grasping the basics of business as a junior entrepreneur. I can’t imagine taking money from investors and building a company. I don’t know what I do, and the capital of others is a huge responsibility. I can do it if I feel I can deliver a high ROI.

But I am far from that. My mind is still focused on engineering and product more than on money. And it is not a surprise. The first “Hello, world!” program I wrote ~15 years ago and the first money I made with code ~10 years ago.

For the 15 years, I dived as deep as possible into the development, and I don’t want to divorce it. I love it. But business requires me to shift focus on people and their problems, not the code.

I still don’t know if I can do it— build a sustainable to cover my family expenses. But I am working on it and learning a new lesson daily (mostly).

It is an exciting journey, and I enjoy it!