September 18, 2022 ยท 2 min read

A part-time job as a viable option to continue creating

While that’s the goal, I can’t make a project in a vacuum for the pure joy of building. And you know why.

Money is not less important than the air. But once I set breathing as a goal, I forget about building. I lose joy and stop doing things for their own sake.

And what happens? Nothing. While it might work for you, it works poorly for me.

And the problem is getting more challenging since I don’t believe in “build the best thing you can and they will come” or “the universe will find the way to pay you back”. There is no guarantee in the world for anything. You can work for 73 years on your dream project and still don’t make a penny out of it.

There should be an answer. And the answer is not “money is a bad thing” or “I am tired of capitalism, and it sucks”. This bullshit can only lead to nowhere. Money and capitalism are neither bad nor good. That’s what we have.

What’s the answer to the question of how I can build for the pure joy of building and don’t think about breathing?

Everybody has their answer. But my options are:

  1. Put on an oxygen mask for a while.
  2. Find an area with a lot of oxygen. But it probably will be crowded, and I am not ready to fight.
  3. Find a niche, a small place that nobody is looking for, but that has enough oxygen for 10 or 20 people.
  4. Buy an oxygen bank and recharge it periodically.
  5. Build an oxygen-producing machine, whatever that means.

Or a combination of the options.

I need peace of mind on the financial side. I burnt a lot of money in the past year and have to refill it.

I had many propositions from friends to return to the full-time job with good benefits, but I am not sure that today it will help me progress. Once the project I am building reaches stability regarding features, development, and acquiring new customers, I can easily support it while working full-time.

My current option is to work part-time to refill my oxygen bank, so I can explore low oxygen areas without the potential risk of dying.