August 8, 2022 ยท 1 min read

They are wrong. You are right. And you know it.

One of the most challenging things for me was to admit that many people are wrong and I am right. It is still challenging. But I caught the pattern.

It is not about natural sciences. I write about myself. And you.

Nobody can tell you your truth and how to live your life. They can, of course, and many do, and more will. But listen to the voice inside you. You know better than anybody else what is true for you and what is not.

We get used to living in society’s shared consciousness and playing other games. It is nearly impossible to detach.

Society and “friends” can explain and convince you to accept the status quo and play their games. But once you start playing the games of others, you lose.

Play your games. Play them in hard mode.