March 24, 2022 · 2 min read

Start Writing Now

I regret that I have not practiced writing earlier regularly. Besides that, writing helps order my thoughts and make weighted plans for the future, it is good for my mental health.


It is hard to stick to the writing habit since it requires complete deep focus, and the tiniest distraction can ruin your mind castle. But nothing can beat this flowless state once you are in and you are writing. It is pure joy — happiness in its highest form.


You think that you think until you start writing. Then you suddenly realize that your recurring thoughts were mental chewing gum, but not the product of your mighty intellect.

Writing is thinking. If you have a problem with controversial thoughts, try to write them down and make a story. You will see the pros & cons of both sides. You might even notice that the problem lies deeper. Or there is no problem at all.


Don’t be afraid to write your plans or tasks in free form instead of usual and rigid to-do lists. You will see a miracle. Suddenly, the things you do not execute become a well-connected story, and you are motivated to complete them.


I do not want to be a typical consumer, and I want to be a creator. And the best way to be a creator is… to create!

I love this feeling of accomplished work. What can be more fulfilling than creating? Draw a picture, write a code, write an essay? What can contribute to the world more than creation?


I do not share everything I write. I am not ready to be so open, but I gradually work towards maximal transparency and sharing.

While you write only for yourself and try to entertain yourself, sharing is an essential part of writing. When you know that there are real individuals who read your essays, you try hard to write the best possible thing you can.

And if you created a good thing, it is a crime not to share it with friends.