January 19, 2022 ยท 1 min read


Whether I publish my writings or not, I write for myself. And I am as sincere as I can be. Why should I fool myself? Being genuine is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

When I finish the first draft, I reread it aloud and simplify it. I facilitate until I feel like I can’t take anything else out of the text without losing the essence.

I want to enjoy reading what I have written, and I want to go back and reread it. Not all of the texts I return to, much of what I write I do not like. But the writings in which I could open up and did not deceive myself, for me, do not lose interest even over time.

The only problem is that I do not always understand if I am writing honestly now. Am I being sincere? I’ve never found a criterion other than an internal click. How does that work for you?