March 27, 2023 ยท 1 min read

People are still playing chess

And it is more popular than ever before, but why? Especially when we live in times when we have superb AI engines that can beat any living human in chess.

Try watching a chess game where two AIs compete. It is beautiful in its own sense, but there is no drama. There are no emotions or bitter tears. It is too dry for us to watch.

I never play chess against a computer. I call my friends and play with them through the internet if not possible face-to-face.

I want to chat, joke, tease, and offend. I play for emotions and for bolstering my ego. We enjoy being with humans.

And people will continue to draw for their own sake. And people will continue to read, write, and think. And even writing code might be a joyful exercise.

I work all day with AI to build an application, and then I stop, go home, and build a tiny OS with Rust, just for fun.

And I have done it many times. I created a DB engine for the sake of learning and joy. I recreated a version control system to understand how Git works. And I will do it many more times. I might invest time and recreate GPT because I love coding and diving deeper.

No worries, friends.