March 14, 2024 · 2 min read

Million Dollar Weekend

You are ultimately naive if you think that a book can turn you into a millionaire in one weekend.

But you are not if you think that copying mental models from the best and acting on them—indeed, can advance you much in life.

Million Dollar Weekend

Since I started to read the book:

  1. I launched a new product (Open Graph Examples) on Product Hunt on a weekend and made it to the top product of the day.
  2. I became an affiliate partner for to make a dollar or two.
  3. I got one real United States dollar from Noah Kagan via PayPal.
  4. I published my first newsletter issue.

And it feels like it is only the beginning of my journey. However, did I make a million? No.

But I started to act as never before and I opened myself to the possibility of starting a business on a weekend that indeed might lead me to my first million dollars.

No book will make you richer, but some books in the right context might inspire you to act towards your dream. The value of these books is not in the information they share, but in the energy the author of the book possesses and is vibing.

I started to read Noah’s book because I saw Jason Cohen (the top business writer you can ever find on the Internet) was reading it. I didn’t know anything about Noah Kagan before. But I heard about AppSumo and they reached out to me with a proposition to feature my ScreenshotOne. I politely denied the proposition, but it is a different story.

Why did the chemistry of the book work for me, though?

I was on a low day because one of my customers sent me a deeply saddening message—(it didn’t relate to my product or its quality directly, it was something else if you are curious). But that same day, I asked Noah for a dollar and he replied, then we had a small chat.

I decided, you know what? I will not only stop crying and languishing, but I will stand up, and push as twice as hard as possible despite whatever mood or state I have.

I will focus on people who want me to win, and not on those who wish me bad luck. I will promote and help others as much as I can. I will keep fighting “the naive cynicism movement” and not surrender to it by being extremely naive, kind, and open.

And that’s why I am grateful to Noah Kagan because he simply replied and changed the sign of my mood.