January 16, 2022 ยท 1 min read


I am sure that there is a state in which I love myself, everyone, and everything.

Real love like that, without convention and demands. When I give myself completely to everyone and myself, I demand nothing in return. I do not expect anything.

I don’t want to own anyone or anything. And I don’t want to expect anything from anyone. I just want to be grateful to receive love.

It must be so easy. It seemed like just love, that’s all.

How do I get there? Why is it so hard?

Just to love the rain, just to love the passerby. To love the book and the author. To love not only my, but all children. To love strangers. To love road hogs. To love broccoli at the end of the day. To love everyone and everything.

Why is it so hard to share everything I have? Why is it so hard to give? Where do these expectations come from? Why so much complication? Annoying.

I just want to love.