March 18, 2024 · 1 min read

Keep your heart open no matter what

It is easy to be a cynic. But have you tried to not betray your heart and keep spreading light?

Oh, locals laughed at you or labeled you dumb because, as an immigrant, you have a funny accent? I feel really sorry for you and I know that feeling, but…

You swallow and put aside your ego and your pride, which is not a virtue anyway, and ask: “Excuse me, would you mind helping me to improve my language speaking skills, please? How would you say it the right way?”

And you listen carefully, you repeat and learn. You have all the power in the world to turn any interaction from negative into positive for all sides.

The world doesn’t owe you to be fair.

If a customer churns because of your nationality, or jurisdiction or they just don’t like you, then you simply can’t do anything about it.

You can’t get back into the past and reborn yourself as a different person. And you shouldn’t!

You tried to serve them best and it didn’t work because of reasons that are out of your control.

It hurts, yes. It might feel unjust. But it is what it is. The world won’t suddenly become just. Don’t take it personally.

It might feel like a slap, but you get up and don’t give up. Don’t blame and don’t complain.

Take a deep breath, and keep pushing as twice as hard. Yes, it is freakingly hard, but it is still easier than giving up and losing yourself.

Focus on those who are with you and your values.

It is OK to be beaten and to fail. But keep your heart away from cynicism and yet open to the world and love.