January 20, 2022 ยท 1 min read

it takes time to bloom

Since I started my 1001 projects journey, I have felt anxious. I understand that they got me. I wrote about it, and I do not have the way to return, even if I did not commit. It does not matter.

The idea motivates me and makes me think creatively about building 1001 projects in an observable time. And the exact moment, I feel frustrated. I feel like a stupid fool. People do not take it seriously because it feels impossible.

Frankly, it might be impossible, but I do not know. I need to try. I need to make these 1001 mistakes. It is tough to build even tiny things, but I can get far away by building systems, building tools, and automation.

Have you ever seen a flower that blooms and does not look stunning? But you know it takes time to bloom. A seed, water, sunlight… It can take months to bloom.

If you ever had a gardening hobby (we have a small “garden” on the outer side of our windows), you know it takes time and patience to grow flowers, bushes, and trees.

Everything that deserves attention with intrinsic value was not built in one day. So, why do I expect to build cool things in one day? Relax and take it easy.