May 2, 2022 ยท 2 min read

Is info products a dead end?

I was afraid that I would create info products about how to create info products. I saw info products as a dead-end and decided not to start my entrepreneurial journey with them. But I missed the point.

Repeating patterns

Apparently, it was a mistake, but I saw many repeating patterns.

Individual A. quits her highly paid job and gets attention. She grows the audience a little bit. Then she writes and tries to sell a book about everything she knows from her previous career. She makes first money, and the audience grows further. Then she creates a course about how to grow an audience. The course has a success, and she makes more money. Then she realized the essence of her approach to making money and made a cohort course on how to make money online. What is the next step she will take? Or individual B. Creates a SaaS, shares his journey, grows an audience, and then sells the course about how to create a SaaS. Then audience grows larger, and he creates a course about how to grow an audience. What is the next step he will take?

I saw the simplified version of their path, and I saw it as a dead end. After you started to create a course about how to make money online? What else can you create? A course on how to create a course? Both individuals have a lot of business activities outside of their info products, and they still had optionality to learn something new and create. I missed the point.


People who create successful info products and make money out of them always have an option to build a product or acquire a new skill and then again create an info product about it. This optionality never leaves them.

And even more than that. They have the skill to market and sell products.

Marketing and selling

It might seem easy, but it is not. Marketing and selling info products is not easy. It has the same or near the same level of complexity as selling and marketing software products.

The difference is in production costs. While it is still hard to produce a book, it is easier than building a SaaS.

And the most crucial point is that you acquire the skill that you can then apply to software products.


For those who leave their job or want to leave their job and start an entrepreneurship journey, wins are super important. Once you start winning and understanding how the game works, you can build on these wins and accumulate more new wins.

No real dead end

So, the dead-end that I saw was barely the limitation of my imagination. When you have skills to market and sell and have acquired your first wins, you can’t lose them, and you can go further and use them as a foundation for your following products.