March 19, 2024 · 1 min read

Even if I die, my product will keep working for years 🤞

Even if I die, will keep working for years. At least, I hope so.

Simply because:

  1. I ordered and now use a separate credit card with a high limit for all expenses related to it.
  2. I automated payouts to the same bank account that the credit card is charged from.
  3. I optimized expenses and increased the profit margin to ensure that the project is profitable and will stay profitable when growing.
  4. I built a Kubernetes cluster with autoscaling and also set up Google Cloud Run as a backup. In addition to that, there is a GPU server for backup and for customers with GPU rendering demands.
  5. I wrote a lot of content to make sure that the site stays relevant in Google for years.
  6. I am lucky that ScreenshotOne is one of the answers in ChatGPT and other LLMs on the question of what is the best solution in my niche. Probably to Google.
  7. I partially open-sourced parts of the product and want to open-source more if possible.
  8. I have found affiliate partners who promote the product for me.
  9. … What else I can do?

And I keep improving. Ideally, I want to create autonomous AI agents that quickly respond close customer issues by updating the code. But there is a long road to go.

$5K MRR for ScreenshotOne

We are at almost $5K MRR and growing!

Since I strive for operational excellence and efficiency, I am curious at what point I will need to hire. Currently, I am not overwhelmed by support issues and tasks.

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