February 1, 2022 ยท 1 min read

I should charge

The most truthful indicator that I am building a valuable product is that people pay for it. Friends support you and tell you that you are making a great product. They can even pay you to help you. But they are not your target customers.

The same happens with lurkers, and they can say that your product interests them, and they can use the free version periodically. But you can’t be sure that the product is valuable until you charge.

I thought to give a product for free. But nothing is free. Even signing up for a free product is an investment of time.

Making the product that nobody is going to use is challenging. It is hard to build the product without any feedback and any traction. So, it is essential to charge early and evaluate if the product can survive.

Charging early forces you to think about value. It forces you to make a valuable thing. To make the best possible thing you can.