March 10, 2024 · 1 min read

I quit Twitter till I reach $5K+ MRR

I quit Twitter till I reach $5K+ MRR for But I can’t quit daily writing.

I grew my Twitter presence from around 30 to 12,000+ followers by using only one growth hack — I just exposed myself to Twitter daily for two years.

I shared everything related to my entrepreneurial journey. Literally everything: my revenue, expenses, my lows and highs, and lessons I learned.

I was interacting with people I admire and respect. And was ignoring people with malicious intentions who wished me bad luck. I am blocked by 100+ people, yes.

I succeeded in not commoditizing myself and staying true to myself. Just look at my Twitter profile banner and picture — it is raw and not professional. These are just photos from the places I love hiking and my true face.

My Twitter profile

I helped everybody I could help without expecting anything in return. I still try to promote and help at least one person every day by being the first paying customer, helping them with SEO, reposting their Product Hunt launch, or just hugging them at their lows.

And the community of entrepreneurs and developers on Twitter helped me, too, by advice, bringing my first paying customers, supporting my launches, supporting me at my lows, and celebrating my wins.

I met many people eventually in real life and made hundreds of friends online. I want to meet all of them one day. I am forever grateful for all that love.

I started to spend way too much time on Twitter. It hit my mental health and creativity. And now I am taking a break from it to recharge, focus on growing my business, and explore new opportunities.

If you know how I can help you, please, feel welcome and reach out.