March 25, 2024 · 1 min read

Friends and marketing

So I was trying to convince every friend of mine to cycle with me on weekends.

Some cycled only once. And one even cycled for a few months. The acquisition rate of cyclists for my weekends was low.

And of course, I was responsible for organizing everything. It was a lot of time investments from my side and almost zero from theirs.

And eventually, that one friend who cycled for a few months with me, churned, too.

But one day, I met someone who loved cycling like me and could get up as early as I did.

Guess what? Everything was so smooth. Communication was perfect. Damn, we didn’t even need to communicate anything.

We went for a ride and it was joyful as hell. Then we had a coffee and chatted a lot about cycling…

It won’t be a problem to cycle with them again.

Maybe that’s what marketing and sales is about.

Not everyone will become my customer, and not everyone shouldn’t.

But there is a group of people who I can help and they are ready to pay for it—that’s the focus.

With them everything goes smoothly—they are happy and I am happy.

With them, 1 + 1 equals 3.