January 12, 2023 ยท 1 min read

Annual Plans for ScreenshotOne

It took me 5 days since deciding to deploy to production the annual plans for my screenshot API project.

The #BuildInPublic movement is still alive and is a cake.

I didn’t know if I should implement yearly subscriptions and what are upsides and downsides of doing this were, so I asked my friends:

A question about annual plans

It became apparent that I should do it, and there was no need to overthink. I was convinced because:

  1. I might make more money monthly. It is essential for me now.
  2. Customers save money.
  3. I don’t lose anything.

And huge thanks to Philipp for:

A suggestion by Philipp

I was ready to deploy after figuring out a few technical details.

A screenshot of the code

Thanks again to everybody who helped. You shortened my launch time of this feature by 2 days at least.

I deployed it to production yesterday.

And wrote to the customers who requested the feature. Can you guess their answer?