August 1, 2020 ยท 1 min read

An Abandoned Pet Project - ofunction

A while ago, I developed a pet project. A goal was to deploy, and I achieved it. So, the task was accomplished, and I did not know what to do next.

The homepage of ofunction

The goal of ofunction was to help junior developers understand big O notation. A developer can subscribe to the service, and I will send weekly emails with questions about the topic.

A sent email

Then the developer can answer right away from the email and observe his statistics. And as an addition, the service sends articles related to non-answered questions.

A sent email

There also was an upgrade option for a little pay.

A upgrade page

While I was doing it, I learned how to integrate PayPal for payments, installed Drift widget for feedback and support, and learned how to send emails with Mailgun.

I did not think about how I will promote it and make some money for at least support itself. As it was for most of my pet projects, I forgot about it for some time. And of course, the project is not sky-rocketed, and users did not come from anywhere.

A week ago, I remembered it and started thinking about it again. Should I delete it? Or should I continue with the project?

I did not have the habit of finishing projects, and this one I finished and published. It was hard for me to delete it since I invested time in it.

Nobody uses it, and I pay every month for servers, it consumes my mental energy. The only “bonus” I have is to show ofunction to friends and say: “Hey, look, I have a finished pet project!”

I thought this project through and decided to close it. It does not have customers, so I do not have any obligations and can freely delete it.

This post is a goodbye post to ofunction.