August 14, 2020 ยท 1 min read

A review on UX email course from CareerFoundry

Not an advertisement post, I recently finished the course and writing a short review.

The target audience for this course is people who want to switch careers and understand what it takes to be a UX designer. I probably do not belong to their target audience since I do not wish to switch to UX, but I want to understand what UX is and how to apply it practically to make better products.

Looking ahead, I would say that I somewhat achieved my goal and grateful to the CareerFoundry team.

The course consists of six daily lessons. After you subscribe, you will receive one lesson each day right in your inbox. I like the idea, but for me, it was fast enough. I would change the frequency to two emails a week since I need some time to understand the received information. But it is absolutely OK, just do not open the next email until you finished the previous one.

The course covers basic concepts of the UX domain and contains valuable links for those who want to dive into a specific topic. The most useful links for me were links to real UX designer’s portfolios.

I would add some practical questions or exercises, but I understand that this is not the course’s goal.

I recommend the course to anyone who wants to start a career in UX or thinks about this step. And I do not recommend it for those who want to dive into UX and get a deeper understanding of this field.