September 13, 2021 ยท 1 min read

12 rules by Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

The main title of the book “12 Rules” is not a good one. It sounds rather popular and unattractive. I believe many may pass by such a profound book, which may seem very superficial judging only by the title. The book is not that simple and requires a lot of mental work to understand its ideas.

If you have lost your bearings and are having trouble answering the question, “What’s happening to me?” then this book may be for you.

If you are lying to yourself and those around you or feel like you are losing control of your life, there is a solid chance that this book can help you.

If you feel that chaos has taken control of your life and you want to bring order to it, the book tells you how to do it.

The book’s secondary title is “Antidote to Chaos,” which captures the book’s essence in the best possible way.

Peterson repeats the same ideas but from different angles.

I was very impressed by the book, as was the author himself. And some of the rules I started practicing right away. I hope to master most of the rules over time, as I immediately felt improvements in my life.

But! It’s not as easy as it seems. It’s elementary to start applying the rules and then stop and fall back into old habits. You have to constantly remind yourself of the rules and make sure you follow them.

Moreover, it can take years to apply some rules and truly understand them. That is why I think it is important not so much the rules themselves, but to understand what is behind them and understand what the author wanted to say. I recommend it.